Bing Rolls Out Text-to-Speech For Search Results

Bing Rolls Out Text-to-Speech For Search Results

Bing Rolls Out Text-to-Speech For Search Results

Bing introduced a number of latest search features this week including textual content-to-speech, expanded intelligent answers, and enhanced visual search.


Bing’s mobile app can now learn text in a voice that’s said to be indistinguishable from a human’s. So Bing can converse search results again to customers in pure-sounding language.

Bing says its text-to-speech AI has been developed to clearly articulate phrases with human-like intonation.

Intelligent Answers

Bing typically answers queries with ‘intelligent answers,’ which include a number of items of information pulled from different sources.

As a result of developments in processing energy, Bing is now ready to supply clever solutions for harder questions.

How To: Robotic Voice In ALL Sony Vegas“For example, as an alternative of the comparatively easy reply to ‘what is the capital of Bangladesh’, Bing can now provide solutions to extra complicated questions, such as ‘what are several types of lighting for a residing room’, quicker than before.”

div style="clear:both;"></div><h2>pic</h2><br/><p>Visual Search</p><br/><p>Bing’s visual search permits customers to go looking utilizing a picture. It has been upgraded with the power to potential to quickly see a number of objects auto-detected inside an image.</p><br/><p>So a user uploads a picture, then Bing scans it and routinely detects the objects within the picture. Lastly, <a href="">"ext to speech online conducts searches for visual matches.