Tna Impact Wrestling Comes From Last Night (11

Tna Impact Wrestling Comes From Last Night (11

Heading off the evening, Franklin, Tennessee's own "Cowboy" James Storm and substituting Alex Shelly of the Motor City Machine Guns defeated the British Invasion to retain the TNA Tag Team Finals.


Shambo vs Jaison - Survivors spun giant clam and Jeff's choice, which was octopus, sea snails, and Noni juice with a garnish of seaweed. Shambo drank it quickly, Jaison drank more slowly, but kept it down.


Tribal leaders: at the beginning of "Survivor: samoa" each tribe needed to select one person to end up being the "leader," and also they then they help make decisions on the part the organization. Being that this time around the castaways really didn't have anything to spend on, they picked solely based on appearance. Russell Swan (the OTHER Russell, as he shall be called) and the ever-so-muscular Dr .. Mick were possibilities for this episode.


Ah, Courtney, that anorexic looking little flower. She claimed to hate reality shows, but didn't mind making other contestants miserable by appearing on only. Sarcastic, whiny, terrible at challenges, she finished second each morning China series, but only because Todd took her to suggestions with him because he knew no-one would prefer her.


However Where to stay in Samoa went soft in Micronesia when he asked to become voted off and away to return you'll find his pregnant girlfriend. Everyone gladly granted his application form.


Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James - TNA Knockouts championship Last Woman Standing Match - As almost as much as I enjoy Rayne's heel work, Mickie is overdue for a victory along with the title. James brings home the your unwanted watches.


Tonight's TNA Slammiversary 2013 live stream can be ordered and viewed by way of the TNAOnDemand web. Otherwise, local residents in Roanoke can order on various satellite or cable providers including DISH Network, DirecTV and Cox Tv. The Pay-Per-View has a start time of 8 p.m. EST and runs approximately 3 ages.