Sauna Installation Cost

Sauna Installation Cost

The symbols and abbreviations shown on the spas upper controls are known as mistake rules. They let you know that the day spa possess identified a situation which is why after that it tries to diagnose. Different gear suppliers make use of different codes to identify some circumstances discover by the salon self diagnostic program.

We are going to glance at the two health spa systems I see more questions regarding. Balboa settings and Sundance Spas settings.

Balboa, one of the most common day spa handles firms, uses the next codes.

pd = Power offer, product running on power supply backup

OH = Sensors reading 112-118 Degrees

Flo = Improper circulation or force change fail

Cool = H2O temp 20 degrees below set point

ICE = prospective frost disease has been recognized

Sn1 = Hi-limit sensor malfunction

Sn3 = Temp sensor breakdown

LOC = Interlock breakdown - possible push or ozone surge

(----) = unfamiliar liquids temperature. (Displays whenever day spa are 1st driven up after refill).

Sundance health spa, one of the largest health spa makers, uses the next error codes.

ILOC = Interlock failure - possible push or ozone increase

FLO = force switch breakdown or Flow switch breakdown (system specific).

Hold = Flow Switch (heater is actually deactivated. Push are often deactivated).

Hold = board keys pushed to numerous era to easily.

HOT = PCB heat above acceptable limit - environment blower on.

ICE = Potential freeze condition.

PnL = interaction involving the panel and circuit board try bad.

(----) = "WATCHDOG" (health spa try deactivated) a challenge was found. (program can perhaps not recognize)

Sn1 = OPEN DETECTOR (heater is actually deactivated) or SHORTED SENSOR (day spa try deactivated).

Sn3 = START DETECTOR OR SHORTED SENSOR ( heater handicapped).
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