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Turismo, Patrimonio y Desarrollo Rural

Sepinum, S.L.N.E. somos una consultora especializada en el desarrollo y la gestión de proyectos sobre el patrimonio, la actividad turística y el desarrollo rural. Desde el comienzo de nuestra actividad hemos llevado a cabo estudios, proyectos y publicaciones. Plasmamos las ideas en actuaciones tangibles, desde su nacimiento hasta hacerlas realidad.

Nuestra labor parte de kamagra un riguroso trabajo de gabinete y de campo para poder desarrollar la propuesta y elaborar la memoria inicial, el anteproyecto o el diagnóstico. A partir de aquí conseguimos dar forma al proyecto en cuestión para conducirlo y hacer de los requerimientos de nuestros clientes, una realidad.

Nuestro trabajo está dirigido al sector privado y a diferentes organismos y entidades públicas de carácter municipal, autonómico y estatal.

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In the Geographical Society of Lisbon (SGL) we not only have an important cultural heritage but also a rich patrimony.

This patrimony was formed by the ideas of truly visionary men, like the SGL founder Luciano Cordeiro and previous presidents like Antonio Augusto Aguiar, Bernardino Machado (a former President of the Portuguese Republic), Adriano Moreira, Sousa Leitao, amongst others  all of whom preserved and enriched SGL’s patrimony throughout its existence. It is worth noting that amongst this patrimony are several documents (maps, manuscripts, old books) of the great portuguese explorers that crossed Africa and developed intense scientific activity in both Angola and Mozambique on the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.

Names such as Serpa Pinto, Roberto Ivens, Hermenegildo Capelo, Henrique de Carvalho, Silva Porto and Gago Coutinho, amongst many others, should also be brought to notice.

All this rich patrimony (both tangible and intangible) must be preserved and explored. Its value is important to the knowledge of our cultural heritage and its preservation is necessary so it can be known, studied and appreciated by future generations.

To achieve this goal, the SGL was built as an aggregate of around thirty commissions (African, American, Asiatic, European, International Relationships Commission) and sections (History, Anthropology, Ethnography, Industry, Economy, Art and Literature, etc.), all of which organize summits, symposiums and congresses. A large part of this activity produces articles that are published in the SGL’s Bulletin  edited since 1876. Besides this editorial activity we also have a collection of "Memorias" (Memoires) in which more in depth and relevant studies  elaborated by SGL members  are published.

Our Library is the richest in what regards documentation about the old Portuguese Overseas Territories (Guinea, S. Tome and Prince, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Goa (India), Macao and Timor). Our Old Map Spoil is also extremely rich and its documentation is studied by both national and foreign research-workers. In fact, university students and members of Scientific Organizations preparing Masters and PhD thesis are increasing each year.

In this sense, the Geographical Society not only provides its members and public with a series of cultural activities, but also enables international research  mainly in History, Geography, Anthropology, Ethnography, etc.  with its rich documentation. It should be also mentioned that the SGL has an Ethnographic and Historical Museum extremely rich in artifacts, particularly from Africa but also from India, China and Timor.

The Library are opened to the public in general. The Museum can be visited by the public in general, pending appointments.

Prof. Cat. Luis Aires-Barros

S.G.L. President

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When we formed Augmentum, we had an ambitious goal  to transform the very idea of what is possible for distributed software teams spread across the globe.

Thanks to a fusion of Silicon Valley savvy. tremendously supportive customers. and the incredible growth in China  were on track to deliver what we set out to do.

We strive to deliver more than working software based on specs. Our mantra is to deliver the absolute best in customer experience and time-to-value solutions. Our customers work with real people  people who understand your business problems and people who can help you to ideate. visualize. and implement a solution.

We invite you to peruse this site to learn more about us and see some of the great software experiences we have delivered for our clients.

In many cases, the perceived quality of software is only as good as its user experience. At Augmentum, we want to build software that is both usable and enjoyable to use.

Augmentum’s UX team is comprised of experts in branding, visual design, interactive design, user experience research, and usability testing to ensure your software is a notch above the competition.


A Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (SGL) foi criada em 1875. E uma instituicao, nas suas origens e nas suas finalidades, muito ligada ao contexto portugues dessa epoca, a situacao da Europa desse tempo e ao que era a problematica da nossa posicao no Ultramar e especialmente em Africa.

Como e sabido na segunda metade de oitocentos deu-se o movimento de corrida a Africa das potencias industriais da Europa. Controlada a Asia e a Oceania pelos paises dominantes, ocupado o Oeste da America do Norte por colonos vindos do Leste que empurram para o Sul os mexicanos, consolidada a implantacao inglesa no interior do Canada, disputada a Asia Central entre a Russia e a Gra-Bretanha, apenas a Africa se apresentava como espaco onde a expansao territorial era possivel.

A campanha contra o trafico de escravos entre os portos africanos e a America, a luta pela extincao definitiva da escravatura, aumentaram o interesse da opiniao publica europeia pelo continente africano. As sociedades missionarias protestantes e catolicas empenhadas na luta contra a escravatura criaram missoes religiosas em diversos lugares, que ajudaram a divulgar na Europa noticias sobre as gentes e a terra. As viagens dos multiplos exploradores que percorriam o interior do continente traziam novidades que alimentavam os comentarios da imprensa. As Sociedades de Geografias de Londres e de Paris recebiam solenemente e premiavam os exploradores.

Em nome da ciencia geografica avancavam-se projectos de ocupacao territorial a partir da Africa Ocidental, da Africa do Sul e as costas da Africa Oriental, que criaram alguma preocupacao com o futuro das posicoes portuguesas em Africa.

Pareceu, por isso, indispensavel a Luciano Cordeiro e a outros interessados nas questoes ultramarinas que Portugal estivesse tambem representado nesse grande movimento. Disso nasceu em 1875 a Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa. que teve desde o inicio pleno apoio oficial.

O potencial de risco para os interesses portugueses resultante deste grande impulso lancado em nome da ciencia geografica ficou logo evidente nas consequencias da reuniao de exploradores promovida em 1876 em Bruxelas pelo Rei Leopoldo II, donde saiu a criacao de uma Associacao Africana Internacional, encabecada por uma Comissao Internacional, cuja presidencia o Rei assumiu, e que anunciou como projecto imediato a exploracao da Africa Central, mediante a criacao de estacoes civilizadoras entre Luanda e Zanzibar, atraves de terras que os portugueses se tinham habituado a conceber como estando associadas a seguranca da sua presenca em Angola.

Que nenhum portugues tivesse sido convidado a participar num encontro em que se deliberou sobre a accao em terras onde Portugal era a unica potencia europeia a ter entao uma presenca continuada, anunciava aos observadores de Lisboa o desencadear de forcas que iriam afectar em muito os interesses nacionais.

A Conferencia Kamagra de Berlim em 1884 mostrou isso de modo bem claro. Nela se definiu um novo direito internacional para a Africa, impondo condicoes para o reconhecimento dos direitos de ocupacao territorial por potencias europeias nada favoraveis aos interesses portugueses.

Na delegacao portuguesa a conferencia foi integrado Luciano Cordeiro, reconhecido ja como um dos melhores conhecedores nolvadex dos problemas da politica africana do seu tempo. A sua accao nos circulos politicos de Lisboa se deve em larga parte que Portugal tenha assumido um intervencionismo de importantes consequencias na nova vaga da exploracao africana .

Quais as ocorrencias entre 1876 e 1884 em que se possa encontrar explicacao para termos sido afastados da conferencia de 1876 e convidados para a de 1884?

A resposta parece ser esta: Portugal, conhecedor do perigo e das ameacas pendentes sobre as suas possessoes africanas, dos riscos que ameacavam os seus direitos, reage por diversas formas, consciente da necessidade de manter, nos territorios a que tinha direito, um exercicio efectivo da soberania. E para tal, entre outras medidas e iniciativas, realizam-se viagens de exploracao.

Logo a partir da sua fundacao, varios documentos expressam o interesse da SGL em impulsionar as exploracoes cientificas. Em 1878, D. Luis [1. 2 ] declara-se protector da SGL, em carta de 14 de Novembro, onde se refere o louvavel empenho com que se tem promovido os trabalhos indispensaveis para o desenvolvimento dos estudos e exploracoes geograficas.

A S. G. L. surge-nos portanto, nas suas origens e nas actividades iniciais, como uma instituicao particular fortemente interessada e integrada num problema dominante da vida politica portuguesa na segunda metade do seculo XIX e intimamente ligada a uma das preocupacoes dos seus governos: a posse, a governacao e o fomento dos territorios africanos e tambem dos asiaticos. Em recente estudo sobre a conjuntura em que se insere a SGL, J. Amado Mendes afirmou: &pode-se dizer que, em tudo o que se relacionasse com o Ultramar, a Sociedade de Geografia esteve presente.

Atraves dos tempos e das vicissitudes da vida do Pais, vai afirmar-se, como talvez nenhuma outra instituicao particular, especialmente ligada a vida nacional cultural, viva e actuante, em certos casos tomando iniciativas, em outros colaborando condignamente em solicitacoes da vida nacional. E assim que, em 1877, recebe a visita do imperador do Brasil. em 1903 a visita de Eduardo VII de Inglaterra, em 1905 as visitas do imperador da Alemanha e do Presidente da Republica Francesa Loubet. Acompanhou os visitantes a sede da Sociedade o rei D. Carlos. Em 1910, nas vesperas da Republica, acolheu o presidente eleito do Brasil, marechal Hermes da Fonseca. Tao honrosa participacao, em visitas de tanto significado politico, indica claramente o posicionamento da SGL na vida nacional.

Assinale-se ter a SGL, em 1878, agora numa perspectiva bem diferente, tendo solicitado ao Governo a criacao de um Instituto de Estudos Coloniais, para preparar aqueles que viessem a desempenhar funcoes publicas nas Colonias. Mas so bastantes anos depois, em 1906, se concretizou essa aspiracao, criando-se a Escola Colonial, a qual vai funcionar precisamente na SGL E o actual Instituto Superior de Ciencias Sociais e Politicas.

Tambem na SGL foi criada a Escola Superior de Educacao Fisica, que aqui funcionou entre 1930 e 1940, tornando-se depois o Instituto Nacional de Motricidade Humana, igualmente integrada na Universidade Tecnica.

Congressos, exposicoes e coloquios, uns promovidos pela SGL, outros em colaboracao, e em grande numero, tiveram e tem tido as sessoes nas suas salas. De maior significado, tem-se, em 1901, no seu 25? aniversario, a inauguracao do 1? Congresso Colonial Nacional, levado a efeito na propria SGL Em 1924, o 2? Congresso Colonial Nacional, donde sairam votos do maior significado. Apontam-se so alguns deles, como a criacao do Arquivo Historico Colonial, fundado mais tarde; atribuicao de nivel universitario a Escola Colonial, o que veio a suceder, como se referiu; realizacao das Semanas das Colonias. Em 1927, efectua-se a primeira. Estas Semanas, impulsionadas e coordenadas pela SGL, realizadas tantos anos, vem a tornar-se um factor de divulgacao e estudo dos territorios de alem-mar. O Terceiro Congresso Colonial Nacional realizado em 1930 e do qual sairam importantes votos.

Decorridos quatro, anos e integrado na Grande Exposicao Colonial do Porto, realizou a SGL o Congresso da Colonizacao.

O problema do turismo bem cedo mereceu a atencao da SGL, que, em 1936, organizou o 1? Congresso Nacional de Turismo .

A SGL, na sua sessao de 21 de Abril de 1879, manifesta o interesse que havia em se conhecer e se tornar conhecida a situacao dos portugueses que viviam fora do seu pais. Em 1880, e dirigido ao Ministerio dos Negocios Estrangeiros o questionario inicial para essa investigacao. As respostas obtidas vao sendo divulgadas no Boletim da S.G.L .

Em 1938, reactivaram-se essas investigacoes, conforme expressa um relatorio da direccao da SGL, e, depois, no Boletim, publicam-se as informacoes recolhidas.

E este interesse e esta actividade que levam o presidente da SGL Prof. Adriano Moreira a lancar a ideia de uma Congregacao Geral das Comunidades Portuguesas. em 1964. Depois, a SGL apela para que se reunam em Lisboa, em congresso, representantes das comunidades portuguesas espalhadas pelo mundo. Em Dezembro desse ano, na Sala Portugal da SGL, inaugura-se o Congresso das Comunidades. A ampla participacao de portugueses ou descendentes de portugueses, vindos de tantas partes do mundo, mostrou o exito alcancado pelo Congresso. Dele sairam a Uniao das Comunidades de Cultura Portuguesa e a Academia Internacional da Cultura Portuguesa, ambas sediadas na SGL Em 1967, e em Mocambique, reuniu-se o segundo congresso.

Outra importante iniciativa da SGL foi a criacao de um servico de intercambio epistolar entre os alunos das escolas da Metropole e do Ultramar portugues. No relatorio da direccao de 1932, acolheu-se essa iniciativa de um socio da SGL e apontam-se apoios recebidos. O intercambio depois alargou-se ao Brasil e a America do Norte. Em 1935, 1936 e 1938 realizaram-se exposicoes do intercambio efectuado. Uma portaria do Ministerio da Educacao Nacional louva a SGL por tao util como patriotica iniciativa, que merece todo o carinho e auxilio.

Refira-se que em reconhecimento das multiplas actividades socio-culturais da SGL lhe tem sido atribuidas condecoracoes que atestam o prestigio e valor das referidas actividades.

Dos muitos eventos realizados na SGL foram editadas publicacoes .

A SGL bem cedo pensou em criar um Museu Colonial na sua sede. Em circular de 15 de Fevereiro de 1884, dirigida aos socios, diz ter comecado a sua instalacao. Esse museu ira crescendo  dizia a circular  pela colheita directamente obtida e pelo deposito com que quaisquer pessoas nos queiram honrar de objectos dignos de figurar nele. O Estado compreendeu a importancia do Museu. Em 1892, confiou a SGL o Museu Colonial da Marinha, criado em 1871. Muitos sao os que entendem o papel que esse Museu podera desempenhar. E, se recebe padroes e restos de padroes colocados pelos navegadores portugueses do seculo XV na costa africana, tambem recebeu da India a urna funeraria de Afonso de Albuquerque. Os mais diversos objectos chegam, vindos da Africa, da Asia, da Oceania, muitas foram as doacoes. A variedade e importancia das pecas que tem figurado em exposicoes (21, 21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e, 21f, 21g, 21h, 21i, 21j). no Pais e no estrangeiro mostram bem a riqueza do Museu da SGL Nessas exposicoes tambem tem figurado especies bibliograficas e documentais da Biblioteca da SGL, que mostram igualmente a sua riqueza.

Hoje em dia e preocupacao fundamental a manutencao e o reforco dos lacos culturais e cientificos com a Comunidade dos Paises de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa (CPLP) por meio de conferencias, seminarios, edicoes de livros e publicacao sistematica do Boletim e Memorias. Acresce que a actividade cultural geral, alargada aos mais variados dominios se tem incrementado. Desde o estudo dos problemas do uso e exploracao racional dos oceanos. pela cartografia e geografia matematica e pela conservacao do patrimonio cultural ate aos mais diversos dominios dos estudos historicos e literarios, as Comissoes e as Seccoes da SGL mostram actividade de realcar.

Desde 1875 a SGL tem sido dirigida por personalidades oriundas de varias areas da actividade humana, tem ao longo da sua existencia vinte e tres presidentes. que foram militares, marinheiros, juristas, ou professores de diversos dominios do saber.

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At one time, the world could afford to give the health of animals only second thought. Today and tomorrow, it’s a critical part of a healthy planet.

Look about. A diverse world of animals surrounds you. That urgent hum you hear is the sound of 24 billion chickens, more than a billion cattle and sheep, three-quarters of a billion pigs and goats, a half billion dogs, 400 million cats, and more, populating an already increasingly crowded planet. A portrait of the humans those animals depend upon—and vice-versa—includes an equally diverse range of faces: affluent North American dog owners who say they would spend equally to satisfy their pets’ and their children’s medical needs. Asian poultry farmers who earn for an entire year’s work, less than a quarter of the cost just to feed that dog. European breeders of a €77,000 bull or a prize-winning racehorse earning more than €12 million a year to sire foals. Small farm stakeholders in developing nations whose milk-goat pen represents the sum of a tiny but critical family fortune. Every day, humans rely upon that universe of animals to provide food and fibre, companionship and convenience, draught power and diversion, transportation and therapy.

And in spite of the vast differences in geography, language, culture, economics and attitude, we all depend upon a more and more specialised group of animal health care providers capable of meeting those divergent needs and growing expectations. On average, the world spends only about one-fortieth of the sum it devotes to human medicines on medicines to care for its animals. Yet that investment underwrites the discovery, development, manufacture, distribution, support and education of a system focused on a nearly universal goal:  to make the world healthier for people by improving the health of the animals around them. Even in their natural state, animals can, and often do, need medicines. No matter how animals are tended, from posh apartment living for pets to high-tech, quarantined livestock barns for turkeys, to open-range grazing for cattle, animals benefit from today’s medicinal products through better health. And better health forms an integral part of animal welfare.

But it’s easy to overlook the equally productive results of the animal health system during the past half century. Of the nearly 1,500 infectious diseases we know affect people, it’s believed almost two-thirds can pass between animals and people—and three out of four emerging infectious diseases have come to humans courtesy of their animal globe-mates. That sobering reality of biology makes dependable veterinary medicines not simply an indulgent luxury, but a necessity to prevent life-threatening disease in humans. In addition, it’s now being demonstrated that employing well-targeted vaccinations and medications to maintain healthier animals on farms and ranches also helps guard people from diseases.

And finally, our world is expected to shelter, feed and support 9 billion people by the mid-21st century. Doing that will require 100 percent more animal protein than it takes today. Innovative animal health technologies will be an indispensable part of not only ensuring food remains abundant and affordable, but also helping to lift the world’s poor out of chronic poverty, where two-thirds rely on livestock as their main source of both food and income—all while helping conserve scarce resources. In more ways than one, healthier animals mean healthier people.

But need we take shortcuts to meet those demands, as some might suggest? On the contrary. In fact, the industry that drives the animal health revolution is more regulated today than at any time in its history, and it can often face even higher hurdles than human medical manufacturers. Both before and after any product is brought to market, veterinary product manufacturers are required to demonstrate it is safe for the health of animals, people and the environment. In truth, the regulatory burden has grown so heavy that it now actually threatens the ability to economically provide animal health care–particularly where it is needed most acutely, in the developing world. Veterinary medicines are an indispensable tool in the prevention and treatment of animal disease. Equally important is the basic health research and technical information placed in the hands of veterinarians and farmers to not only optimize the benefits of medications, but also improve their management and stewardship of the animals they care for. Altogether, their contribution to animal health and the supply of safe, high quality food for consumption by the world’s growing population is crucial. The animal health industry is dedicated to the continued development of these products, and to its role in the global supply of safe, healthy food, healthy animals and a healthier world.

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California RV Rentals - When Only The Best in Luxury RV Rental Will Do. 1st Choice RV, Inc. operates a large fleet of company-owned motor homes, travel trailers and toy haulers in Southern California. All of our units are late models with low mileage and in excellent condition. Each unit is meticulously maintained, serviced and detailed after each rental to ensure the highest quality experience. We appreciate you selecting 1st Choice RV for your upcoming motor home and travel trailer rental needs.


September 2012 to August 2013, Developing a Methodology to Project Intercity Commuting, Southwest Region University Transportation Center. ($85,000)

September 2010 to August 2013, Public Involvement, Texas Department of Transportation, $160,000

March 2008-2014, Center for Excellence for Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management (DIEM), Department of Homeland Security via Louisiana State and North Carolina Universities ($163,423)

June 2010 to June 2013, National Transportation Security Center of Excellence, Department of Homeland Security. ($1.3 Million)

September 2010 to August 2011. Transit Strategies for Transit Agency Role in TOD ($84,000)

September 2010 to August 2011. Reviewing Marketing Strategies that Increase Public Transit Ridership

September 2010 to August 2011. Megaregions Workshop ($30,000)


Healthy Living Matters (addresses the intersection of health, transportation and land use) Transportation Research Board. Land and Development and Megaregions Committee

Technical Advisory Committee to the Research Management Committee –Texas Department of Transportation Houston Tomorrow

Technical Advisory Committee to the Transportation Policy Council of the Houston Galveston Area Council Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (Served 6 years as the national Academic Advisor, 1998 to 2004)


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Welcome to Australian T ropical Foods - the food and wine industry portal for Tropical North Queensland.

This website was re-developed with the support and financial assistance of the Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry

Here is where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, two world heritage environments combine to produce some of the most stunningly diverse array of food and beverages in the tropical zones of the world.

No where else would you find these exotic foods in a first world country.  The Australian and Queensland Governments research and development programs have produced first class quality produce in agriculture and fisheries that exemplifies excellence in the world market.

We bring you a feast for the senses in food and wine from Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland region that is informative, educational, and a truly sensational experience.

Click on the Exotic Fruit section for comprehensive information on the amazing number of exotic australian tropical fruits grown in this region including mango, lychee, rambutan, mangosteen, papaya, banana, sweet pineapple, lime, pumelo, jackfruit, mamey and black sapote, abiu, carambola, graviola, passionfruit, pitaya, sapodilla, star apple, vanilla.

In the Tropical Seafood section you will find information on 32 species of some of the best seafood in the world.  Queensland Catch seafood listed includes Barramundi, Coral Trout, Banana Prawns, Endeavour Prawns, Tiger Prawns and King Prawns, Moreton Bay Bugs, Mudcrab, Threafin, Saddle-tail Snapper, Mackerel, Mangrove Jack, to name a few.

The Gourmet Food section opens a cornucopia of the value added products of Tropical North Queensland, producers and manufacturers, local food industry associations, providores and gourmet deli’s.  The range of value added products include tea, coffee, cheese, milk, yoghurt and ice-cream, nuts, meat, poultry and eggs, organic and bio-dynamic foods and farm produce.

If you are looking for a genuine tropical food experience  check out the Restaurants listing of restaurants serving local foods, and to cook it yourself the Recipes section will show you how.

Although this region doesn’t grow grapes, that hasn’t stopped some 14 advocates converting some of the exotic tropical fruits into fruit wine with more commercial fruit wine cellar doors than anywhere else in the world.

The Taste of the Tropics’ Food Trails commenced in 2001 and have now developed into a recognised indulgence market sector of the tourism industry.  Five trails cover the region from the southern Cassowary Coast of Innisfail, The Mountain Tablelands of Atherton, the Mareeba Savannah Tablelands, Daintree Mossman Port Douglas Rainforest and the Cairns to Palm Cove Coral Coast.

Meandering through the website you will find much more information about farmers markets, handy industry links, seasonal calendar, food events as well as up to date latest food news.

Visit these local tropical websites

Australian Tropical Expertise  World leading technical and management expertise in the tropics